March 8, 2009

Am abck guys ive missed u! well hope i can talk to u soon night!



March 2, 2009

Hey guys well were gona be down for a while because my freking dad is gay and blocked cp am trying to get someone to help!well guys i love you (lol) see u when ever


February 22, 2009

hello me and ryan for the past few hours me and ryan have been testing stuff ryan has made a internet exlporeig called (Awesome expoler) u can downlode it here

New address again?

February 22, 2009

sefrHey guys i just got a new address again its now thanks ryan ps were going to have are onw web borwoser soon ill talk to u about it soon! untill the waddel on!

 here is the sneek peek


February 21, 2009

Hello evey one we got a link cahnge you can still accese the old link but u now can do tk bye!

Are you united

February 21, 2009


Chat is up

February 21, 2009

Chat is up click here to check it out!